The Sophora Hall, a spacious realm of love, became the backdrop for Milan and Kristina’s unforgettable wedding. Candlelight illuminates happy moments, while guests settle into a sophisticatedly decorated space.

The music of love echoes as the newlyweds swear eternal love, and the hall later becomes a stage for revelry and dancing. Sophora – a place where moments of eternal love are born and remembered.

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From the first consultation to the creation of the last detail, every step is guided by attention to your wishes and vision.

Impeccable service, refined decor and a superb culinary experience make our wedding organization not only a service, but an experience that will forever remain engraved in your hearts.

Feel the love in every bite with our personalized menu, tailored especially for your wedding.

From elegant appetizers to sumptuous main courses, each flavor is carefully selected to reflect your unique love story.

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